Studio FSR is centered around olfactory consciousness. We create precious items for the fragrant moments of joy throughout the day: when you take the laundry out of the dryer, when your loved one comes home from work, when you apply your favorite body lotion, and when you light a special candle. These are the joyful moments of everyday life Studio FSR strives to amplify.

Studio FSR was founded by mother and son duo Tina and Frederick in 2016 as a necessary response to a series of unsuccessful attempts at avoiding irritating mass-produced toiletries. We began studying and practicing traditional soapmaking for several months. Our nonabrasive soap quickly became popular in the community, so under the hand of Chief Artisan Tina Taylor, we evolved the anti-irritating concept into other toiletries, including candles, body butter, shower cream, and several other products.


Then came a critical moment in Studio FSR: we became creatively interested in proprietary fragrances for our collection, so Frederick, who had been independently studying perfumery since the beginning of Studio FSR, set out to begin creating a new collection of entirely made-in-house fragrances to elevate Studio FSR’s creative orientation and to redefine how we think about scent.


Studio FSR’s concept is about being aware of scent’s role in our lives and of what products we choose to scent our living spaces, our bodies, and our clothes with. Scent is an integral part of one’s memory; a scent can remind us of a person, a place, a time, or even a highly nuanced emotion. To be fully present, it is critical we think carefully about scent and its significant role in everyday life.




Studio FSR is an olfactory studio based in the United States.

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